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Frequently Asked Question (FAQ)

* What is IBO?

- An IBO who is authorized to promotes,sellout,rentout companies product without disturbing his own work/jobs.Simply it is Independent Business Owner

* How to Join?

- go to

- If you are registered user.Please login at .If you are not registered user then click on "new user" and fill the details

* Advantages

- Easy access to all types of properties and customer

- Freely post your Properties on our website

- Network and Multilevel Marketing System

- Total support about legal and Financial advisory

* Feature of IBO

- Anyone can start the designation of IBO and achieve number of stages like team leader ,star leader,Branch director,Coordinator ........Managing Director

* Difference between IBO and Broker?

- IBO is the white scholar personality. Company provide any type of help to IBO by provide excellent Management team. We provide IT Services like call center, web portal, web application, mobile applications, resource like phone, vehicles, brushers, stickers etc etc.

* IBO's Payment

- After Booking property IBO's get decided as per incoming payment from customer.Each payment through cheque

* How many homes should I inspect when lookig for a property?

- We recommend looking at enough properties to gain a comprehensive understanding of the marketplace.This will provide you with the required knowledge to work out if the property you are interested in buying represents value for money, while also helping you to determine which location appeals to you the most.It is important to feel confident about your eventual purchase, so viewing properties online is a good way to research the market efficiently.

* What is Broker?

- As broker / Agent who is authorized to open and run his/her own agency. All real estate offices have one principal broker.

* How much do you charge?

- Registration Fee only 100/- No other charges to join as IBO

* How much commission for IBO?

- Providing different commission on different product generally on Flat system 2% to 6% and on plot layout there is 5% to 10%

* What kind of property do you offer?

- We are working in Real estate since from 10 years.We deal only in clear title property.Till upto 2016,no one customer blame on us.We are not providing only nominee facility incase of anything wrong happen with IBO

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